A Special Message From Gotye

Aardvark's ambassadors - Monique Brumby and Wally De Backer (Gotye)

Aardvark celebrated its fifth birthday in June 2012 by appointing Australian artists Wally De Backer (Gotye) and Monique Brumby as Aardvark music and sponsorship ambassadors.

Wally and Monique have worked as Aardvark music mentors, to young people living with chronic illness or disability, since early 2011.

”The biggest joy of running Aardvark is working with the talented and determined young people who are part of our music program," said co-founder of Aardvark, Bel Harper, at the press conference to announce Wally and Monique as Aardvark ambassadors in June 2012.

The joys of Aardvark

“Another joy comes from partnering with many talented artists – some of the most well-known artists in Australia – who volunteer their time and energy to work with these young people with serious illnesses or  disability to make the music that helps them to grow."

Aardvark’s other co-founder, Sarah Giufre, said: ”Wally and Monique will assist Aardvark in our goal of securing more sponsors and contributing further to the development of our music programs.

"We are very excited that they have both accepted our invitation to become Aardvark ambassadors.

“As ambassadors, Monique and Wally will demonstrate the values that drive Aardvark - community, support, music and the celebration of our abilities, rather than our disabilities or illnesses.”

More about Monique Brumby

Tasmanian-born musician Monique Brumby released her first album ‘Thylacine’ on Columbia Records in 1996. Monique won two ARIA Awards for her debut album and has had three additional ARIA nominations including ‘Song of the Year’ for her original song ‘The Change In Me’.

As well as recording and releasing original music, Monique has been conducting song writing workshops in secondary schools and assisting emerging artists with song writing, life skills and industry knowledge for the past seven years. The aim of Monique’s work is to inspire young people to be able to tap into their creativity and instil in them confidence and self belief.

In 2012 Monique was invited to become an Aardvark Ambassador, along with Wally De Backer (Gotye), to develop and extend the Aardvark program. In her role as Aardvark Ambassador and Music Coordinator, Monique guides and mentors participants through all the stages of song writing, music arrangement, recording and music production.


More about Wally De Backer (Gotye)

Discover more about Aardvark Ambassador Wally De Backer at his website www.gotye.com.


'Gotye support strikes right note for ill young people' (theage.com.au)

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